About NewBill of Health, Charlotte, NC

Posted by NewBill of Health January 28th, 2019

Our health and wellness coaching will provide you with the tools you need to change your life in Charlotte.

Hello, my name is Ken Newbill and I am a Health Transformation Specialist. As a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant I focus on helping business owners, senior executives, and high performing professionals transform their health by delivering a systematic yet customized one on one coaching experience that allows them to accomplish their specific health goals.  It is my duty to provide my clients the tools, techniques, and strategies that will allow them to become and remain “Independently Healthy”.

It’s important for you to know that I approach these perspectives as a formerly morbidly obese man (lost over 100 lbs.), heart attack survivor, father of two, husband of 17 years, and full-time entrepreneur. I am highly engaged each day with life responsibilities much like my clientele and I live the principals I teach.

It is my absolute mission to help those fighting with health and weight management issues that are directly impacted by lifestyle and nutrition along with the subsequent mental and physical challenges that parallel the struggle of being out of balance on this planet earth.

I believe one of the keys to making a Health Transformation a reality is to understand:

“It’s not what someone can do for their health but what they will do for their health”.  

I partner with my client to understand their past and position options for them to better their future based on where they are and what they can handle at that phase of their health journey.  I’ll be there to encourage, motivate, and inspire true health lifestyle change with consistent testing and measuring along the way to monitor and quantify the progress towards the agreed upon health goals. 

My all-natural, systematic approach has been developed over the years based on my own experiences and failures, coupled with the experience of a diverse clientele, formal education, and constant research.

Whether you need to lose 100 pounds, like I have, or you are striving to create a healthy lifestyle that will bring you back into balance from chronic illness, lack of energy, digestive issues, anxiety, or depression I look to be a valued resource. My by phone and online consultations make it easy to achieve your health and wellness goals in Charlotte, North Carolina our home base, as well as, abroad knowing that you have an advocate in your corner.

Contact me at NewBill of Health today to get started. I look forward to seeing your transformation and remember “Wellness Is Within You”.