Group Coaching

What You Get

Group Holistic Health & Nutrition 60 Day Coaching Program Includes

• Holistic Health & Nutrition Questionnaire Analysis
• 1 hour initial consultation by phone or video teleconference (Zoom/Skype/Google)
• Custom written plan of execution based on your goals, current health conditions, and daily lifestyle
• Exercise/movement recommendations
• Personal value assessment
• Customized macro nutrient meal planning
• Grocery shopping lists
• Short and simple recipes
• Custom phone application for tracking biometrics and workouts (integrates with most fitness/health trackers)
• General tactics for curbing cravings for sugar and processed carbs
• General ideas for healthy snacks when on the go
• Super food nutrition recommendation (if applicable)
• Herbal blend recommendation (if applicable)
• $50 gift card toward super food nutrition line
• Meal prep tips
• Current medication review
• Current supplement review
• Current food diary review
• Restaurant Survival Guide