Nutritional Assessment

Posted by NewBill of Health September 3rd, 2019

Nutritional Assessment

Do you know what your specific nutritional needs are?
Let’s be honest . . . not many of us do!

Determining your body’s specific weaknesses and supporting those gaps are critical to sustainable good health. Ken helps his clients address their specific nutritional shortcomings and questions like these:

1. What do I need for my particular body?
2. Am I actually assimilating the nutrients from the foods I’m eating? Are my supplements actually working?
3. Could heavy metal toxicity be causing me pain?
4. Are my medications causing imbalances in other areas I’m unaware of?
5. Is my digestive distress being caused by food allergies?
6. Are my hormones out of balance?
7. Why do I have these mood swings, headaches, anxiety, weight gain, and depression?
8. Why am I always tired? What’s up with all these aches and pains?
9. Why is my thinking so fogged and disjointed?
10. Why are my fingernails brittle? Why am I losing my hair? Why is my skin so dry?

Nutritional Assessment
Nutritional Assessment

These Questions Are All Indicators of Nutritional Imbalances, and a Personal Nutritional Assessment Can Help You Find Solutions.

This personal nutritional assessment will provide clarity with these questions along with a plan of action. By actually measuring the biochemical individuality of his clients with this assessment, Ken is able to determine nutritional and metabolic imbalances.

NewBill of Health specializes in this reputable, tried-and-true nutrition assessment to determine each client’s individual nutritional status to reveal nutritional imbalances that other traditional methods may not detect.

Nutritional symptomatology is a reliable way to determine one’s nutritional status. In many ways, it is more reliable in detecting deficiencies or imbalances long before or if they show up on laboratory tests.

What is Nutrition Symptomatology?

It is a systematic way of analyzing one’s particular symptoms to uncover feasible nutritional causes for them.  Well before any disease may make itself known, there are clues that systems and functions may not be performing as efficiently as they once did. In many ways, it is a more reliable laboratory test for determining nutritional status.

Small, nagging grievances arise over time that we don’t give proper attention to, not realizing that nutrition may play a role. Everything could look proper, showing no signs of abnormalities on medical tests; however, you know something is just not right within.

Researchers have revealed that certain changes occur in the body when there is not enough or too much of a specific nutrient. By studying this body language, one can determine deficiencies (or excesses) of specific vitamins, minerals, proteins and other factors. By studying symptomology, body signs are interpreted to find the underlying causes.

Your Personal Nutritional Assessment includes: 

  • An analysis of 65 nutritional categories
  • A color graph prioritizing weaknesses
  • Items of concern – prioritized
  • Items to watch – prioritized
  • Explanation of your body’s weaknesses
  • Food guidelines
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Recommendations unique to you

How to Order Your Personal Nutritional Assessment:

  1. Review the personal nutritional assessment packages below and select the ‘Purchase’ button for the one that suits you best.
  2. Once payment is confirmed, you will be emailed a link to complete your assessment within one business day.
  3. After the assessment has been completed, it will be sent to NewBill of Health, and you will be contacted to set up your consultation appointment within two business days.
Nutritional Assessment

How This Works:

This analysis involves you and places you at center stage for your own health care and gives you valuable information to help you build and maintain your health. It takes 30-40 minutes to complete. The analysis is done through an online questionnaire and then analyzed when completed.

This personal nutritional assessment asks questions about possible symptoms that can relate to nutritional imbalances. All of the questions are based on what your body is experiencing right now with the foods and supplements you are taking along with environmental factors.

With your customized assessment, you will be given detailed information on what your imbalances are and how to remedy the imbalances using natural means, including food, lifestyle, herbals, and all-natural supplementation.

This is a simple, convenient, and optimal method to gain valuable insight on the state of your nutritional health. Take action and select your package below today.

Personal Nutritional Assessment Packages:

Silver Package

  •  Includes the full assessment and a 30 minute consultation with a Holistic Nutritionist to review the analysis with you over the phone or web conference.
    (30 minutes total consultative time)

$49 – Purchase

Gold Package – Includes everything in the Silver Package, plus:

  • A Meal Planning Assessment and 1 Week Custom Meal Plan with Simple Recipes, Shopping Lists and Lifetime access to Meal Planning Software with direct messaging to Holistic Nutritionist for 1 Month, and an additional 30 minute consultation.
    (1 hours total consultative time)

$99- Purchase

Platinum Package – Includes everything in the Gold Package, plus:

  • 1 Additional Month Week of Meal Planning with an Additional Month of Direct Messaging to Holistic Nutritionist, a Second Personal Nutritional Assessment to Determine Your Progress After a 8 weeks with an Additional 30 Minute Consultation. This is an excellent way to see the results of your efforts and validate area where you may need more work.
    (1.5 hours total consultative time)

$149 – Purchase


All consultations are conducted by phone or video conference online.