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Posted by NewBill of Health November 12th, 2018

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NewBill of Health’s (NoH) owner Ken Newbill has a deep-rooted passion for helping others find health and wellness through a balanced lifestyle approach. His talent shines through in his delivery as a certified health and nutrition coach, engaging speaker, and leader of wellness retreats, keynotes, workshops, and seminars. Ken is a purposeful educator of holistic health methodologies, sharing lessons in an interactive and compelling manner based on his own personal and professional experiences from working with a diverse client base over the years.

Ken has battled with his own health issues, including past struggles with morbid obesity and cardiovascular complications. Overcoming these hurdles has allowed him to offer insight and guidance to those who face health challenges.

Ken’s ultimate mission is to incorporate holistic practices to provide his clients with practical, actionable steps, so they may find balance in health and life.

Ken’s caring and energetic nature, direct approach, and winning attitude appeal to business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, sales teams, professional organizations, social clubs, non-profit organizations, and student bodies.

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